Our company boasts more than three decades of experience in the field of contract precision engineering. We specialize in CONSTRUCTION of sheras and moulds and in DIE FORMING, PINCH TRIMMING and CNC MILLING, for small metallic precision parts. We handle small and large batch production orders

Thanks to our accumulated know-how and considerable technical knowledge, we can take on even the toughest tasks.

We provide parts or assembled items for makers of window and door fittings, furnishings, electrical items and specialized appliances.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide specialized solutions. Our reputation is excellent among major industrial groups. We regularly upgrade our technical and professional skills.



As a brand, we are renowned for our reliability, as attested by a significant number of professionals and highly organized corporate structures.

In view of today’s business context, we have adopted a distinctive policy that enables us to formulate and provide solutions for all customers requiring machining and repairs tasks and assistance.

Our capabilities in the field of design and execution are reflected in all the work we do and in our extensive and loyal customer base These results are our ‘visiting card’.

The flexibility we can offer is the bedrock of our firm’s impressive competitiveness. This flexibility applies not only to production based on designs received from our customers but also to the back-up we can provide at the design stage itself.




Our mission is to meet our customers’ needs by providing fully tested, top quality products.

Our dedication leads us to excellence and has enabled us to broaden our range of products.

Timeliness, professional competence and flexibility are hallmarks that attract our customers.

We engage in teamwork with our customers to ensure they receive the in-depth knowledge they need.

We provide turnkey and customized solutions, and ample technical support.



  • We must meet our customers’ expectations.
  • We must meet all needs, whether complex or simple.
  • We must adapt new technologies to help our customers and bolster our skills.
  • We must meet delivery deadlines.
  • We must meet rigorous quality testin and our products must exceed legal specifications.
  • We must continue along the path of commitment to what we do, and of reliability. Thanks to these qualities we have become a prime point of reference for operators in the field.